Tate High School Science Building

Information: 30,000 sqft // $1,125,142 // Owner: Escambia County School District

Location: Cantonment, FL

The Tate High School Science Building Renovation project consisted of science laboratory, general classroom, restroom, windows, me-chanical, electrical, and complete finish upgrade renovations to the two story building. A new two stop elevator addition and new walkway canopy covers were added to the building to assist the handicap chil-dren reach their classrooms. Exterior upgrades to the masonry and stucco portions of the building were also a part of this project. Through strategic design and construction, we were able to turn this old inefficient building into a safe, user friendly, and attractive asset to Tate High School and the School District of Escambia County.

Pensacola State College Softball Complex
July 27, 2015
July 27, 2015